Lola's World - Season Discount

December 22th 2014 - The second phase of the December update is now live on App Store. Price of the 12 Month Subscription to the full version is reduced by 33%:  12 months for the price of 5!   Offer ends in January.

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Balefire Labs "Top Rated" badge for Lola's Math Ship

December 15th 2014 - A few days ago, we got a surprise: the good people at Balefire Labs had evaluated Lola's Math Ship - which isn't exactly a new game any more. They thought it is still good enough to receive their "Top Rated" badge!

Lola's World receives Mom’s Choice Award

December 9th 2014 - The Mom’s Choice Awards® has named Lola's World as among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. The MCA evaluation process uses a propriety methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost.

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Lola's World - in Holiday Season style

December 4th 2014 - Lola's World December Update.

Our December update brings lots of fun and new educational content. Explore the wardrobe and toy box and get exciting surprises to play with. Enjoy the season in style with great holiday themes and snow coming to Lola's World.

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Black Friday Deal: Lola's Preschool Package 2

Until Monday

November 28th 2014 - To celebrate the Holiday Season, Lola's Preschool Package 2 gets a healthy discount from Friday November 28th to Monday December 1st.

The tasks in Lola's Preschool Package 2 are designed for 4 to 8 year old kids. You can play Lola's apps in many languages. Try learning the alphabet in Danish or doing math tasks in French. Great fun!

Available for iPad and iPhone:

Lola's World - All open Pre-K version

November 21st 2014 - Lola's World is also available as an "All open Pre-K version".

It is the same app as ‘regular’ Lola’s World, except with a different purchasing method. The one-time payment is better suited for kindergartens and others who do not want in-app subscriptions.

DISCOUNT for Educational Institutions can be applied to this app.

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Lola’s World Launched for iPad and iPhone

November 5th 2014 - Lola Panda® Discovers a Whole New World... The Lola’s World App is Launched for iPad and iPhone - in English and Finnish, for starters.

Lola Panda® is looking to expand her world, as well as young kids’ minds. Lola's World is a fun and engaging way to improve school readiness for children, ages three to five years old.

Lola’s World is free to download and there is no limit to the free use. However, parents looking for premium features or more challenging tasks can choose to subscribe to the monthly service. The subscription service brings new content every month, ensuring that children will enjoy new and exciting challenges and fun features regularly.

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Lola's bundles for iPad and iPhone

October 22nd 2014 - Lola's games are also available as "bundles", for iPad and iPhone. When you buy a game package, you pay less, compared with buying the same games individually.

Available now:

Lola's Preschool Package 1 in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Korean:
Four must-have games for learning at its best, for ages 3-6!

Lola's Preschool Package 1 in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, and English:

Lola's Preschool Package 2 with a little more challenging tasks for 4 to 8 year old kids:

New Game in Testing

June 6th 2014 - Our team of Volunteer Testers now has a version of the next Lola Panda game in their hands. Their feedback will help us to make it perfect, before everybody can play it. If you are not in the Test Team, please be patient.

Lola Panda's Math Train 2 FREE

March 21st 2014 - The FREE version of Lola Panda's Math Train 2 is now available for iPad/iPhone and Android devices. If the original Lola's Math Train seems a little too easy for your kid, give Lola Panda's Math Train 2 FREE a try. It contains the Easy level of the full game: addition with higher numbers, counting, and ordering of numbers.

Download the FREE game:

Lola's ABC Party for Nintendo 3DS

March 13, 2014 - Lola Panda® publishes another game for Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Lola's ABC Party is available in the American market, starting 13 March 2014. Family Friendly Gaming was the first to review it: SCORE: 87/100.

You can buy it at:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrating Valentine's Day, Lola's Math Ship is FREE until February 17th, 2014 (for iPad and iPhone).

Download it for free.

Lola's Math Train 2: published Feb 6th

People have been asking us for more challenging math tasks than what the original Lola's Math Train offers. Math Train 2 offers just that: bigger numbers in addition and subraction, and also multiplication for kids 6 to 8 years old. Of course the graphics and Reward themes have been reworked too.

Update Feb 6th 2014: Lola's Math Train 2 is now available on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Lola in Holiday Mood

December 12, 2013 - Lola Panda® is in Holiday Mood - and the Math Train and all stations are decorated accordingly.

The version with Christmas decoration is available on Apple's App Store for iPad and iPhone. The decoration is included in both the full game and the FREE trial version.

Try it for free:

Update, January 2014: Lola is back to her everyday attire - but the Math Train is as good as ever.

PRESS RELEASE: Lola’s ABC Party 2 is out

Oct 23, 2013 - This time, Lola Panda® invites all of her friends to an outdoor adventure. The brand new game targets those children who already might know a few letters, but don’t read and write much yet.

Lola’s ABC Party 2 is available in Apple's App Store and in Google Play Store. The Launch Price for the premium version is $1.99/1,79€.

Download free version at Apple's App Store

Download free version at Google Play

Download the press release.

PRESS RELEASE: Over Million Lola Panda Game Sessions a Month

August 15, 2013 - Lola Panda teaches kids maths, ABC's and logical skills in the popular tablet and smart phone games. Lola's ABC Party was launched in June 2013 and its customer base and number of game sessions is accelerating rapidly. Lola Panda reached the one million game session mark in June with 1.2 m game sessions and hit 2.2 m sessions in July 2013.

Download the press release.

PRESS RELEASE: Lola’s ABC Party launched

July 03, 2013 - Children can throw a party while learning their ABCs and words! This educational game teaches the alphabet to preschoolers while they are having a blast. Lola’s ABC Party is yet another engaging, educational game from BeiZ, the inventor of Lola Panda™ series.

Lola’s ABC Party is available in Apple's App Store and in Google Play Store. The Launch Price for the premium version is $1.99/1,79€. It includes more letters and phonetics to learn, and more different reward tasks.

Download at Apple's App Store

Download at Google Play

Download the press release.

LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker released for Lola’s Math Train

Follow the learning progress via the latest update on award winning Lola’s Math Train game - released for iPad and iPhone, May 23th 2013!

With the new LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker, you can follow your child's progress and habits. A clear, illustrative summary is sent directly to your email monthly. At a glance, you will know exactly what your child has recently mastered, as well as which areas can still benefit from more practice! It has never been easier to see how your child’s learning is progressing.

Lola's Math Train released for Nintendo 3DS in Europe

From April 25th, 2013, our best selling children's educational game - Lola's Math Train - is available for Nintendo 3DS, also on the European market, in English, French and German.

Take a sneak-peak now to see how fun learning can be on Lola’s Math Train!

Trailer on Youtube

Lola's Math Ship released for iPhone and iPad on April 18th 2013

Lola’s train is now in the harbor and she needs your help at loading the goods onto the ship. Lola’s Math Ship begins with simple number games, and graduates to addition and subtraction, and on the Hard level, multiplication and division when the child is ready.

Special prizes for getting everything in the right place. Watch out for the hungry octopus!

Take a sneak-peak now to see how much fun learning can be!

Trailer on Youtube

Lola's Math Train released for Nintendo 3DS on March 21st 2013

Our best selling children's educational game - Lola's Math Train - is available for Nintendo 3DS, on the American market, in English and French.

Children can learn important math skills while having fun! Children ages 3-7 can enjoy 19 different basic math games that challenge them with addition, subtraction, puzzles, shapes, sequencing and matching. As the child's skills improve, the questions become more challenging; when additional practice is needed, the game remains at the same level until it has been mastered.

Take a sneak-peak now to see how fun learning can be on Lola’s Math Train!

Trailer on Youtube

PRESS RELEASE: Educational Lola Panda games suite accelerates to 2 million downloads

BeiZ Ltd’s Lola Panda games suite have passed another stunning milestone as its games have been now downloaded on over 2 million devices - entertaining and educating children worldwide with apps available on iOS, Mac OS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nintendo 3DS/DSi, and Windows Mobile. To celebrate the occasion, BeiZ announces the release of their newest app, I Spy With Lola FREE: A Fun Clue Game for Kids!, an adventure-packed hidden-clue game for Android and iOS devices.

The success of the Lola Panda suite has accelerated remarkably in the past couple of months. The suite hit its first million app downloads in less than 2 years and Lola raced past the second million milestone just four months later powered by the release of the two latest games, Lola’s Math Train and I Spy With Lola. “With new Lola Panda apps coming out during the spring 2013, we are sure Lola Panda suite’s popularity will grow even faster than before,” says CEO Mika Heikinheimo.

Read more about I Spy with Lola here

Download the full press release

I Spy with Lola receives CTR Editor's Choice Award

(January 2013) I Spy with Lola received the Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award.

Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D., Editor, Children’s Technology Review:

"CTR's Editor's Choice Awards are given to only the highest quality children's products in the interactive media category. These are "no fail" products, worthy of the cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time."

I Spy with Lola - Free versions available

Like other Lola Panda games for iPad and iPhone, I Spy with Lola is available as a FREE trial version. The free versions contain the easiest level of the game and a sample of locations to visit.

See the FREE versions on iTunes:

for iPad

for iPhone

I Spy with Lola - available on October 25th!

I Spy with Lola is coming to Apple App Store as iPhone and iPad versions on the 25th of October. And in case you ponder if this game is optimized for your iPhone 5, the answer is "yes!" I Spy with Lola fully supports the widescreen aspect ratio of iPhone 5.

Unlike most pandas, Lola Panda likes to travel. This hidden object game provides fun and learning at its best. Excellent game graphics, great spoken instructions and beautifully composed game music combine to create this movie-quality experience! Travel the world with Lola Panda!

Before the game release, you can satisfy your curiosity by watching this great game trailer.

Read more about I Spy with Lola here.

Over 1,000,000 Lola Panda games downloaded

In August 2012, the millionth Lola Panda game was downloaded. See the press release at Lola Panda Educational Game Suite Reaches 1 Million Downloads.

Lola's games are now available in more languages

Lola’s Alphabet Train versions for Mac, iPad and iPhone now include Danish, Swedish and Russian in addition to English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and Spanish. With the added selections, players now have the opportunity to practice and learn words in more languages.

Apple App Stores in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Russia now have a version of Lola’s Math Train that features the game in English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

Lola's games are available for Nintendo 3DS and DSi

Lola's Alphabet Train and Lola's Fruity Sudoku are now also available for Nintendo 3DS and DSi devices.


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